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The purpose of Kern River Lake Isabella Board of REALTORS® (KRLIBOR) is to continue the independence of the association and to promote a high professional standard of Real Estate practice. We encourage our members to be involved in community service, community organizations, and provide trusted leadership.

Vision Statement:  
Adopted: September 18, 2013___
The most credible resource and the united voice of real estate in the Kern River Valley
Values Statement: Adopted:September 18, 2013___
Focus on the future
Instill excellence
Encourage ethics and integrity
Promote diversity

 Strategic Plan:    Adopted:September 18, 2013___
Goal:  Be the voice of Real Estate in the Kern River Valley
Goal:  Encourage Community Service
1. Members involved in community organizations
2. Members involved in religious and fraternal organizations
Goal:  Leadership through Trust
Goal:  Membership Connectivity
1. Events
2. Activities
3. Caravans
Located at:
11447 Kernville Road, Kernville, CA 93285
Mailing Address:
P O Box 853, Kernville, CA 93285.
Office Hours:
As needed
Please call Association Executive,  Linda Thurm, 
at 760-417-2881 to schedule an appointment
Office Phone:
760-376-3163 Leave a message

Kern River Lake Isabella B.O.R. Objectives:

(a) To unite those engaged in the recognized branches of the real estate profession for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and related interests. The "recognized branches of the real estate profession" include buying, selling, exchanging, renting or leasing, managing, appraising for others for compensation, financing, building, developing or subdividing real estate.

(b) To promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the real estate profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics of N.A.R. (hereinafter “Code of Ethics”).

(c) To provide a unified medium for real estate owners and those engaged in the real estate profession whereby their interests may be safeguarded and advanced.

(d) To further the interests of home and other real property ownership.

(e) To unite those engaged in the real estate profession in this community with the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (hereinafter "C.A.R.") and N.A.R. thereby furthering their own objectives throughout the state and nation, and obtaining the benefits and privileges of membership therein.

(f) To designate, for the benefit of the public, those individuals within the state of California authorized to use the terms REALTOR® and REALTORS® as licensed, prescribed, and controlled by N.A.R.

Our Jurisdiction:
The territorial jurisdiction of the A.O.R. as a member of N.A.R. is:The entire Kern River Valley, in the county of Kern, including the communities of Alta Sierra, Bodfish, Canebrake, Havilah, Kernville, Lake Isabella,Mt.Mesa, Onyx, Riverkern, Squirrel1 Valley, Southlake, Walker basin, Walker Pass, Wofford Hts, Parts of Tulare County, including Johnsondale, parts of the area along the upper Kern River Corridor plus The Kennedy Meadows area.
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Humidity: 60
Sunny - Visibility 16 Miles
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Kernville Weather
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